Intelligent Studios launch!

Intelligent Studios has finally launched and we are opened for business!  Our basic prices and services are shown on our services page.  If you are interesting in hiring us please get in contact via one of the methods outlined on the contact page.  We are also looking for skilled designers and coders.  So again if you are interested please get in contact via the contact page.

Things to look out for

We should be setting up a twitter account for all the latest business and internet related updates.  This will allow you to keep up-to-date with whats going on with the website.  Also look out for articles on ways to build up your online empire on the blog.  Hopefully soon we will be implementing a system to keep up-to-date with the progress of any work you have ordered, make comments on revisions, pay invoices and more.

Introductory offers

As a way to celebrate the opening of Intelligent Studios and to build up our existing portfolio we are offering an introductory offer on wordpress integration and HTML/CSS coding services.  HTML/CSS from £49 and WordPress Integration from £99.  If you wish to pay in dollars that is fine (taking into account exchange rate).